2021 Trending: Earn Crypto Through E-commerce Platforms

Clytie Tokens

The year 2020 has ended with a 12-busy-month for online shopping as government agencies enforce store closure due to the pandemic.

According to an international study of Salesforce Inc., 58% of consumers trust online purchases more than the time before the pandemic. This is not surprising – Shopping online is more efficient and secured than before.

Recognizing the instability factor of Cashback, it has been developing crypto cashback apps for online shopping at e-commerce sites (Shopee, Lazada, Alibaba, etc.) and international brands (Nike, Sephora, etc.). Clytie allows its users to shop online and receive cashback in cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, and BNB.

Clytie creates a platform where anyone can earn cryptocurrencies via shopping. While it usually rewards buyers with a small amount of fiat money or loyalty point in the traditional cashback model, Clytie, instead, cashbacks CLY token instantly and directly to users’ wallets once they purchase goods from Clytie partners.

– Traditional Cashback model: Cashback on Shopping (saving mindset)

– Clytie Cashback: Increase Income When You Shop (profitable mindset)

Clytie brings partners and users various benefits.

Clytie Tokens

For Brand

Brands can cooperate with Clytie and benefit from massive worldwide community.

Brand may distribute their tokens which users could trade/convert to other crypto that available at Clytie.

For user

Clytie is the easiest way to earn cryptocurrencies.

Users can trade CLY to fiat currencies or other crypto currencies like BTC, ETH, or BNB.

Users can invest the earned CLY to major Crypto exchanges like Binance or Pancakeswap.


Clytie users can profit greatly from transactions while brands and sellers are able to quickly boost their sale thanks to Clytie advanced system.

By Edward Harris
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