With the high stress of Dubai, long working hours and continuous demands for tight deadlines, a large proportion of the United Arab Emirates and, in particular, the younger generation are struggling to remain fit and safe. As health issues, including diabetes and obesity, are rising, doctors around the country are encouraging people to join fitness centres and gyms actively. Fitness campaigns and sports associations, as government initiatives, are constantly raising awareness of the value of keeping a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, even opening new gyms and fitness clubs in the new areas of Dubai, like near the luxuriously made Port De La Mer apartments for sale.


Many fitness centres have also launched only women’s clubs and classes to inspire more women to start working out, in line with the UAE’s cultural sensibilities. Dubai has a wide range of services for its members, including gyms, fitness centres and medical clubs. From small local neighbourhood gyms focusing on bodybuilding to big sports chains, such as Fitness First, offering lots of classes. People in the Emirate can choose their preferred health and wellness centre. Also, all of the gyms have individual or two-to-one private coaching courses with fitness experts who have been qualified to various areas of fitness, with overall health choices, weight loss, a reduction in fat, muscle building and the growth of core strength.

Following is an introduction to some of the best gyms in Dubai. These are chosen for their amenities, convenient locations in the Emirates and additional free entry services given during membership registration.


Fitness First is one of the leading fitness brands in the world. With 19 locations in Dubai itself. Fitness First has 27 convenient locations around the UAE. Three different membership levels including Plus, Silver and Platinum plus may be chosen and may be entered for 3,6,12 or 18 months. Fees differ depending on the form and level of membership that you select between AED 1999 and AED 5999. Three free training and consultation sessions for potential participants are offered with a personal trainer to determine their current health and goal objectives. They offer numerous deals all year round, including free training sessions. They offer several presents. The Fitness First brand is also known for the many fitness competitions and events organised throughout the year, which offer the members the opportunity to enjoy fitness even outside the fitness centre.


Owned and operated by Amir Siddiqui, one of the most established and costly trainers in Dubai, Symmetry does not provide classes or group exercises, but a pure, tailored training approach focused upon Amir’s exclusive fiscal fusion training module. Fitness plans include customised workout schedules and meal plans crafted by highly skilled coaches to get the most out of your buck.


In the marina of Dubai, Platform 3 is an exclusive fitness facility that promotes a slow and steady fitness approach. Members can choose a variety of specialised packages, which provide a customized approach to fitness and health. There’s no annual membership. The club has dietary and physiotherapy specialists to improve efficient weight loss and fat intake.


Uenergy Boutique Health Club provides customised fitness programmes that meet individual needs and targets in the very heart of the Dubai Financial District. This new facility is built primarily to provide a convenient space for your fitness needs to be housed under one roof. The facility has several classrooms, including martial arts, wrestling, circuits of resistance and general fitness courses, to push your body to the limit.


Tribefit is a health club in Dubai Marina that provides 90 classes a week in yoga, spinning and physical fitness based on the premise that working out is a social activity. In a funky gym, the club consists of eight exercises, including the burning labs, the stretching zone, the yoga club, the fighting club, the circuit, the building of a lab, the spinning area and a melting pot. Membership is dependent on the chosen subscription, ranging from AED 1,197 to AED 3,588.

Dubai is one of the most rapidly growing fitness cities in the world, and everyone seems more aware of fitness. For many, starting or selecting the best place for training is the most challenging aspect. Many gyms and fitness centres are in every corner of the city even close to the recently built District One villas for sale in Dubai.

So which one is the best gym? The answer will be different for everyone. They may be people, trainers, equipment, weather, location, or what you can’t describe. These factors typically decide where you are going to practise and find the correct atmosphere, also it may make all the difference for those who are trying to return to the gym or back to the group workouts.