BitOpps Review – Is BitOpps Scam or a Proper Broker?

BitOpps Review

BitOpps logoIt was 2009 when the first digital currency, Bitcoin, came into existence. People had no clue back then that it would boom in the future. The ones who invested in it became millionaires overnight. Since then, traders have shifted to cryptocurrency trading. It is a volatile market that has a higher tendency of giving huge profits. Millions of traders want to invest in crypto assets. But the main problem is finding a platform that allows you to trade cryptocurrencies. Because of technological advancements, the world has become digital. It has led people to build online platforms for their businesses to create ease for people. Likewise, you can do trading online with the assistance of an exchange or a broker. BitOpps is a broker that provides traders a platform to trade cryptocurrencies. In this BitOpps review, you will go through all the essential features of this brokerage firm. Moreover, this review will help you to make the right choice for a broker.

Brief Introduction to BitOpps

BitOpps is a brokerage firm that always makes sure that none of its traders is left out. The broker wants traders to be financially independent, and also it works on trader’s skills so they can become crypto experts in the future. This trading firm guides every kind of trader and assists them in growing their trading business. It is because any bad decision can lead to some massive losses, and not every trader is capable enough to bear it.

BitOpps has an independent online trading platform. It is because this broker wants to facilitate their customer at every point. They have built this platform with an eye-soothing GUI (Graphical User Interface). Moreover, it provides clients access to multiple trading markets where they can invest in hundreds of cryptocurrencies and gain enormous profits. BitOpps also has a section of daily news. This platform wants customers to be updated about everything in the trading market. Therefore, they have a system of daily reporting news. It helps investors know all the essential details regarding crypto prices, best-trading markets, and crypto-assets. This section keeps customers up to date about crypto trading and upcoming events. It helps them make good decisions that positively impact their trading business.

Moreover, the video chart analysis service by BitOpps is a commendable feature. The video chart analysis by this platform gives the traders a clear picture of the ongoing trends and the volatility of the crypto market. Furthermore, they assist customers with their crypto signals. These signals are built by a team of analysts that gather all the essential data from markets and generate signals. These signals recommend traders to make the best choice by guiding them on what assets to buy at what time and how much they should invest.

In addition to these, they have designed an educational program that carries a good amount of knowledge related to trading. It helps the traders, especially the new ones, to gather knowledge, which can help them to succeed in the trading industry. Apart from the education academy, they also have introduced a glossary that can again facilitate the new traders to get familiar with trading terms. So they earn and learn at the same time with the aid of BitOpps.

BitOpps website

Variety of Crypto Assets

When it comes to brokers, they also offer cryptocurrencies to trade. Since there are more than 5000 digital coins existing in the market at the moment, it is not possible to provide all of them on a single platform. Also, not every cryptocurrency has a worth that can give considerable profits to the trader. For this reason, BitOpps has only added those crypto assets in their list in which people can easily invest and get significant profits.

This brokerage firm offers digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Dash, and Bitcoin Cash. All these coins have different characteristics that can affect your trading business. It is always better to know about them before investing your capital in them.

  • Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a digital currency that is offered by BitOpps. It is the first cryptocurrency and the largest one in the crypto financial market. Moreover, it has excellent worth, and the investors of this digital currency tend to earn massive profits. In addition, big companies like PayPal have added Bitcoin as a payment method, so we can imagine that digital currencies, are getting recognized globally, and people are accepting them.

  • Ethereum

When we talk about Ethereum, then it is the second-largest cryptocurrency after Bitcoin. It is also internationally recognized, and platforms such as PayPal accepts this currency too as a payment method. Also, Ethereum allows its users to create their cryptocurrencies so that they can run on Ethereum’s blockchain network.

  • Litecoin

Litecoin is the most reliable crypto asset and has great value. It was one of the first ones to emerge after Bitcoin creation. The fast transaction process of this digital coin makes it unique. It is lighter yet faster if we compare it to Bitcoin.

  • Ripple

Ripple as a cryptocurrency has stable records in the past and is affordable to many traders. In addition, this digital currency is supported by multiple banks that make it worthy enough to be added to the list of BitOpps assets.

  • Dash

Dash is the cryptocurrency that makes trading private and secure for traders. It is becoming increasingly popular, and people are interested in investing in it.

  • Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin cash is a new cryptocurrency that has the potential to grow in the future. This cryptocurrency is the most affordable one. Moreover, it has fast transactions and is lighter and faster than Bitcoin.

A Secure Broker

As a trader, it is normal to be dubious about your choice. Most of the traders are mainly concerned about the security standard followed in a platform. As a legitimate broker, BitOpps knows how to protect traders’ identification and money. They safeguard user’s data by implementing some robust security measures. On this trading platform, people go through a flawless experience, and they manage their trading business with peace of mind. As a customer of BitOpps, you can always rely on the brokerage firm as there is no chance that your information will be leaked or your money will fall into the wrong hands.

In order to secure the platform from any security threats, the company has implemented some internationally recognized policies that help in safeguarding people’s money and identity.

These policies are KYC (Know Your Customer) policy and AML (Anti Money Laundering) policy. To apply KYC policy, BitOpps regularly acquires personal details about the customers, so there is no chance that the cybercriminals can make use of accounts and the company keeps facilitating them. The firm keeps an eye on every transaction made, to implement the AML policy. By implementation of such a policy, it is made sure that the money is not used for funding criminals. The brokers always get into contact with the higher authorities in transactions that have a risk of such funding.

BitOpps security

Easy Sign Up Process

The registration processes of brokers are always so lengthy. Unlike other brokers, it is pretty easy to get registered with BitOpps. Several traders want to earn through cryptocurrencies, but due to the volatility, they may miss an opportunity to make profits due to lengthy forms and several other processes that are time-consuming.

To make sure that the customers of BitOpps are always in profit, they have a simple registration process that contains a short form in which you will be asked about some basic information. You need to enter your first and last name, your email address, your password, and your phone number. After that, you have to select the currency in which you want to trade. You are given options of Euros, GBP, and USD. To complete the registration process, all you need to do is to agree to the terms and conditions.

After this, you will be registered to BitOpps and will become a client.

Multiple Account Options

BitOpps knows that millions of people are coming into the trading business, but not all of them are experienced. Neither every trader has the same budget, nor do they have the same choices. This broker has given multiple account options to make trading easier and comfortable for the customers. You can choose these accounts according to your level as a trader.

  • Basic Account

If you are new in the trading world and want to learn and earn at the same time, you should go for a basic account. The basic account has been kept simple, so the traders find it easier to manage. You can make a deposit between 1000 Euros to 9,999 Euros to get access to the services provided by this firm to the investors. This account type being a simple one offers some basic facilities such as an education center, daily market reviews, some basic price alerts, and live support.

  • Bronze Account

Account holders of this account type should know the basics of trading, Unlike the basic account holders who are on the platform to learn. This account type is of a higher level compared to the Basic account. Moreover, the trading becomes difficult as you get to such a level. To open the bronze account, you should deposit an amount between 10,000 Euros to 24,999 Euros to get all the services offered in this account type. Furthermore, you get services like live support, basic level price alerts, an education center, and daily market review.

Along with that, you also get an account manager that aid you in making some tough decisions in trading and ensures that you are mostly in profits.

  • Silver Account

The Silver account type is of intermediate level, and people with a good amount of trading knowledge should sign up for this account. To open it, you need to deposit an amount between 25,000 Euros to 49,999 Euros. This will lead them to gain all the facilities provided in this account type. As a silver account holder, you will get pro-level price alerts, live support, daily market reviews, an education center, pro webinars, and a devoted account manager who will continuously help you out in making some tough decisions related to trading.

Moreover, such account holders will have access to a wide range of markets, custom analytics, personalized trading markets, exclusive position access, and one on one trading sessions.

  • Gold Account

The Gold account is for traders with an intermediate level of trading experience. This account can be opened up by making a deposit between 50,000 Euros to 99,999 Euros. The level of difficulty increases for traders as they move to this account type. BitOpps, on the other hand, facilitates the customers by giving them access to several services. These services include daily market reviews, pro-level price alerts, a senior account manager, a range of markets, exclusive position access, premier events, personalized trading strategies, and one-on-one trading sessions.

In addition, they also provide services such as education centers, custom analytics, and pro webinars.

  • Platinum Account

This account is purely designed for those who are experienced. As the difficulty in trading level increases, they get access to more services. To open up a Platinum account, you need to deposit at least 100,000 Euros to get the services provided by the broker to the customers. These services include VIP personalized trading strategies, one-on-one trading sessions (VIP level), education center, VIP level price alerts, pro webinars, VIP exclusive position access, and VIP account managers. Furthermore, they also have access to custom analytics (VIP), a range of markets (VIP), and daily market reviews.

  • Black Account

The black account holders are the ones who are market professionals themselves. They have access to all the services offered in other account types. Those services are upgraded to the VIP level, and customers with black accounts can make their complex trading business more manageable with the support of BitOpps. To get access to such an account, investors should get in touch with their account manager at BitOpps, who will guide such investors accordingly about all the details.

Customer Support at BitOpps

As a trader, you may get into situations where you will need the aid of the firm itself. No matter if you are a novice trader or an experienced one, you may have queries that need to get resolved as soon as possible.

To aid the customers at every step, BitOpps has come up with a team of experts and professional representatives that can guide the investors in the best way possible. You can contact the firm directly to get your issues resolved at any point in time.

There are three ways to contact the broker. If you require the assistance of the platform immediately, then you can call them directly.

On the contact us page, they have mentioned their numbers on which you will get solutions to your problems right away. However, you must know that their availability on-call is 7 am to 2 pm (UK) time.

The second way to contact them is to compose an email. They have mentioned their email address on their website, and you can mention all the issues you are facing, and the brokerage will provide you a solution.

The third way is to fill the form they have given on the ”contact us” page. This short form will require some of the basic information such as your first and last name, your email address, your country, and your phone number. After that, you have to mention the topic and the problems you are facing within the platform or regarding your trading business. As you submit the form, you will get contacted by the firm, and they will help you resolve them as soon as possible.


There are millions of online traders in the market at the moment. They can be new or even experienced ones, but the main problem is to get a trustworthy platform. With the increased demand, people got into losses because of the frauds they have come across in the online trading industry.

This BitOpps review may have helped you that why you should opt for this broker when there are thousands of brokers already existing in the market.

As an investor, your primary concern is the security, number of facilities, and options provided at the platform. This broker knows how to satisfy its customers. BitOpps provides a secure platform for trading in which the traders can carry out their crypto trading business with ease and peace of mind. Moreover, this brokerage firm makes trading comfortable for every kind of trader by giving multiple account options. You do not have to worry about anything except how to get successful in this online trading industry. Along with providing phenomenal customer support, they also aim to educate the newbies so they can become market professionals in the future.

Such are facilities which you can only expect from a broker with a vision of going up along with their customers. It will be your best decision to choose BitOpps, to be a successful crypto trader in the near future.

By Howard Ford
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