Bixo Fintech Focuses On A Trading Platform

Bixo Fintech


The seeds of Bixo Fintech have been sowed by an expert doyen Mr James Bernard. Bixo Fintech is a new technology for financial services focusing on creating sustainable and profitable investment opportunities. They are emerging in the market by a trading platform which they have named as “Bixo Trade”

Bixo Fintech

What is a trading platform?

The question ‘What is a trading platform?’ is an important one to answer for anyone wanting to be involved in trading on the forex and cryptocurrency market. A trading platform, often known as an online trading platform, or an electronic trading platform, is a computer software program used to execute transactions within the financial markets. This type of program allows an individual to place orders for forex and cryptocurrency along with various other assets.

What is a Trading Platform Used For?

A trading platform is used to connect buyers and sellers, and in many cases has superseded traditional stock market floor trading and telephone trading. A trading platform allows traders to conduct transactions from any location in which they are able to access the Internet. They also enable almost immediate execution of orders, which is a point of great importance in the fast-paced world of trading.

A trading platform also provides access to specialized markets which were previously unavailable except through a limited number of trading companies. There are specially designed platforms which allow specific types of trading strategies, for example, high frequency trading to be implemented.

What is the History of Trading Platforms?

The use of trading platforms began in the 1970s, with certain stock exchanges offering brokers the ability to electronically place orders using a private network. In the early days of electronic trading platforms, orders were usually not executed immediately, but were confirmed some time later.

In the early 1990s, the first widely offered trading platforms were launched. By 2001, electronic trading platforms had become extremely widespread, and during the few years following, a new development ensued in the establishment of trading portals, which are online arenas offering a variety of different platforms in one location.

How is Bixo Trade different from other trading platforms?

Bixo Trade, as claimed by Mr James Bernard will be revolving around artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to provide guaranteed profits over multiple trading assets. Artificial intelligence (AI) stands to have a transformative impact on international trade. Already, specific applications in areas such as data analytics and translation services are reducing barriers to trade. At the same time, there are challenges in the development of AI that international trade rules could address, such as improving global access to data to train AI systems. “We are attempting to reproduce the workings of the human brain in a computer with the help of a neural network. Our neural network is being developed with the ultimate aim of allowing a computer to learn from experience in much the same way that humans do.” says Mr Bernard.


Neural network technology, sometimes known as an artificial neural network (or ANN) are essentially trainable algorithms that try to emulate certain aspects of the functioning of the human brain. This gives them a unique, self-training ability, the ability to formalize unclassified information and, most importantly, the ability to make forecasts based on the historical information they have at their disposal.

Bixo Trade can benefit an individual trader, investor as well as companies to invest in open cryptocurrency and forex markets without having to learn the fundamentals of trading strategies. This platform will use reduced costs and bid/ask spreads, as well as increasing liquidity with a wider pool of assets allowing people to easily participate in a range of market activity. Bixo Trade is going to be one of the greatest developments of Bixo Fintech delivering an intuitive and profitable investment opportunity for people regardless of their location, knowledge and expertise in the online trading environment. Join their success ventures by logging on to

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