Everything You Need to Know About Cryptocurrency Processing / Bitcoin Processing


Whether you’re planning to accept cryptocurrency as payment or want to brush up on your knowledge about cryptocurrency processing, you have landed in the right place. Crypto processing is a new, intuitive approach to getting paid. It allows retailers and businesses to move beyond their traditional credit card payment processing options. The customers pay in digital currency, but the funding received by the retailer is in cash, not in cryptocurrency.


The volatility in the crypto markets was the main reason that kept crypto processing from being adopted by the merchants. But now all the concerns pertaining to crypto processing have been settled. The majority of enterprises and merchants are now investigating how to accept crypto payment, thanks to the growing demand for online services and products where crypto payment is accepted. Obviously, if a business is able to accept crypto payments, their existing and new customers will appreciate it and consider it as an added feature.

Here’s how it works;

  • Your clients ask to pay in Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency
  • You determine in what fiat currency you want to receive your payments
  • Your clients pay crypto invoices by simply scanning a QR code
  • Your crypto payment gateway immediately converts your assets, preventing you from any volatility risk. Payments are then deposited directly into your wallet, where you can transfer them to your bank account

Benefits of Crypto Payment Processing

There’re a number of benefits you can get by switching to crypto payment processing. It helps you simplify international payments by avoiding foreign currency conversions and transaction fees. You can also stand out from your competitors by being one of the first to accept crypto payments.

How you look at crypto processing?

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By Johnny
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