Bank Of Bahrain Shows Interest In Bitcoin Asking Opennode To Provide Infrastructure For BTC Payments

Despite the downfall, the adoption level for cryptocurrencies, and especially Bitcoin is showing no signs of stopping.

The adoption that began from an individual level has moved up to a level where even the mainstream and financial institutions are aiming to adopt Bitcoin.

OpenNode to Help Central Bank of Bahrain (CBB)

OpenNode, a major provider of Bitcoin infrastructure has announced that the Central Bank of Bahrain Is their new client for launching a BTC payment processing platform.

For this purpose, OpenNode would set up a testing environment as the initial phase. The particular payment processor would be run through the regulatory sandbox to check for any flaws or discrepancies.

OpenNode has announced that once all the checks have been finalized, then the payment processor will be set up for Bitcoin.

Bahrain is growing into a Crypto Pro

On September 13, the CBB announced it is on the right track to becoming one of the most prominent entities in terms of cryptocurrency adoption.

In recent years, the CBB has undergone multiple improvements and has proven to be very friendly to cryptocurrencies.

Although it is the first step for the CBB to adopt cryptocurrencies it is one of the last steps to be taken by Bahrain to integrate Bitcoin into their technology-related economy.

The kingdom has fast-tracked its efforts of adopting BTC and altcoins not only on an individual but at the GCC level.

First BTC for Bahrain

The Central Bank of Bahrain will be playing a key role in the adoption of Bitcoin in the country. However, OpenNode will have an even more important role to play in the adoption of Bitcoin.

The country has been after the adoption of cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin for a while. Finally, it seems that Bahrain is determined to take the final steps in adopting cryptocurrencies.

The first ever payment processing platform for Bitcoin is soon to be introduced in Bahrain. OpenNode will be responsible for providing an infrastructure for processing Bitcoin in the country.

Bahrain Welcomed Multiple Fintech Firms

In recent years, Bahrain has shown great determination toward the adoption of digital assets and cryptocurrencies. Bahrain has welcomed many fintech firms in recent years to drive more adoption of cryptocurrencies by the people.

Afnan Rahman, the co-founder, and CEO of OpenNode shared his thoughts about their latest achievement. He added that Bahrain and the rest of the Arab countries are moving to a technological economy.

For decades, Arabs, including Bahrain have been known as a petroleum economy. Now the country has the opportunity of running an economy that benefits tremendously from a technological economy.

As of now, OpenNode is providing its services in more than 160 countries. Now the company has the opportunity to make a huge name in the gulf countries.

By Brandon Craig
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