PayPal Joins ConsensYs To Implement Metamask

The MetaMask wallet is one of the most popular ETH wallets out there. Web3 platforms usually require users to create a MetaMask and use its browser extension version to interact with the content.

Most NFT websites, pay-to-earn games, and metaverses use the functionality of MetaMask. It is an easy-to-use tool employed by everyone.

The wallet developer is ConsenSys, a team of dedicated coders and technology experts building advanced blockchain solutions and supporting MetaMask.

PayPal expands its crypto efforts

PayPal is one of the biggest online financial platforms in the world. It is a massive business that allows for quick and easy transactions without involving banks and other financial institutions.

Used by freelancers, entrepreneurs, and e-commerce projects, PayPal is a service with a large customer base and presence on all continents.

One important sector of the economy that was not yet reached by PayPal is web3. With the integration of MetaMask, the financial platform will be able to cater to the audience of many games and metaverses as well as other web3 content. At the moment, PayPal allows only selected users in the US to use this feature and experiment with crypto payments.

In the future, the ability to use MetaMask will be granted to all US-based users, with the potential to make it a platform-wide feature that will be eventually used by everyone. Some international users of PayPal can already interact with cryptocurrencies using the service.

PayPal is making big moves in the crypto industry

The first step into the world of crypto was made by this company years ago when it started allowing Venmo users to interact with crypto assets. Users of the app could buy or sell cryptocurrencies with a couple of taps.

The next huge move was the rollout of cryptocurrency trading for users residing in the United Kingdom. UK citizens can buy, sell, and hold crypto using their PayPal accounts.

Before partnering with ConsenSys, PayPal acquired Curv, a provider of digital asset security technologies. It seems that PP is quietly expanding and preparing to become a huge player in the crypto industry in the future.

By Edward Richardson
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