Bitcoin Price Is To Hit $30,000 In November, Claims An Analyst

One of the Bitcoin and crypto analysts has recently shared his predictions about the Bitcoin movement in near future. He has shared his speculations about the direction he sees Bitcoin’s price move.

Van de Poppe’s Bullish Prediction

Van de Poppe, a senior crypto analyst has stated that given the current situation of Bitcoin, it is highly like for a bullish run to take place.

He stated that the bets are more toward the bullish side than on the bearish side. According to the analyst, the largest cryptocurrency is set for a major jump in its value in the coming weeks.

As per Van de Poppe’s speculations, Bitcoin has the potential to increase in value by 35%. A rise in the trading price of Bitcoin is expected in the upcoming weeks.

As per De Poppe’s words, it is only a matter of two to three weeks until the trading price of Bitcoin starts moving upstream. He stated that he strongly supports the upside movement of Bitcoin.

If things go in favor of the bullish run, then Bitcoin would see its price increase as much as $30,000.

De Poppe’s Prediction May Surpass Capo’s Prediction

If the prediction Van de Poppe has made, works out well then it would have surpassed the very prediction made by Capo of Crypto, who is a popular crypto pundit.

As per Capo of Crypto, the trading price of Bitcoin was set to hit as much as $21,000 in the upcoming months.

Van de Poppe also acknowledged the same prediction made by Capo of Crypto, claiming Bitcoin would hit a high of $21,000.

However, Van de Poppe’s claim went beyond the $21k prediction and is now set to hit a high of $30k in the upcoming future.

Van de Poppe stated that the demand for Bitcoin is constantly rising and investors are growing positive sentiments in its favor.

The analyst stated that the old and long-term investors/holders are finally coming into action. Their efforts would eventually help push the trading price of Bitcoin to a higher level.

Bitcoin Leaving Exchanges in Abundance

The data from major on-chain data firm Chainalysis has revealed that the exchanges are constantly losing their holdings of Bitcoin. It suggests that the exchange buyers have also come into action.

They are actively buying Bitcoin, which is to increase the trading price of Bitcoin in near future. With more Bitcoin leaving the market, the demand for the largest cryptocurrency would continue increasing.

The amount of Bitcoin in the wallets of the HODLers is constantly rising and is currently sitting at an all-time high.

Over time, the conviction of the investors may rise significantly, which would help push Bitcoin’s price in the future.

By Brandon Craig
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