Cardano Has Witnessed Growth After The Completion Of Alonzo Upgrade

The mainnet of Cardano was first launched in September 2017. Only last Sunday, the Cardano development team was able to successfully introduce the Alonzo upgrade after 4 years of its inauguration. After the successful completion of the Alonzo Hardfork Combinator Event, the Cardano blockchain is ready to butt heads with the largest blockchain ecosystem Ethereum.

Cardano has gone on to describe itself several times as the ultimate Ethereum killer. Thus far, no Dapps has been launched on the network. However, several new contender projects are built as an alternative for the biggest traffic junctions on Ethereum. The impact of the newfound potential and use cases for Cardano is also reflected in the market value of its native token ADA.

After the completion of the Alonzo Hardfork Combinator Event, Cardano has become fully integrated with the smart contract capabilities. However, some technical issues are causing delays to the development and launch of new decentralized applications. The main reason for this delay is the eUTXO design model that is filled with stringent technical requirements.

If any Dapps that is not compatible with all the aspects of this novel infrastructure, these apps can be susceptible to security threats. In technical language, programmers refer to it as the concurrency issue. If the app is under the use of several users at the same time, it can crash or expose technical interception points for exploitation.

Cardano Network Will Host Dapps

Sundaeswap is a DEX that is under the development stages and aims to be the biggest swap on Cardano. This is going to be an alternative for the UniSwap on the Ethereum network. This will also allow the users to host IDOs. Ariana is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) protocol for Cardano that will enable the users to mint stablecoin sUSD pegged to ADA. Meanwhile, Danaswap is an AMM or an automated market maker on Cardano that is also under the development phase.

Another noteworthy project for Cardano is Empowa. This is going to allow the users in Africa to gain access to personal property and multiply their income to get hold of lands. In the initial stages, the application is going to be used by the citizens of Mozambique. Cardano is also venturing into the NFT gaming arena with Drunken Dragons. This game uses the unique NFT setup on Cardano that does not need smart contracts for minting or trading.

By Howard Ford
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