CEO Of Investment Fund Feels Optimistic About Crypto Winter Coming To An End

For almost the start of the current year, the bearish situation in the crypto market has persisted and has continued to wreak havoc on various investments. As inflation rates began to rise and prices for various commodities started to go up, people started pulling out of the market.

As a result, the market managed to lose over 60% of its total market cap, which eventually led to various cryptocurrencies going bust. But for the many who are looking to wait out this storm, they are wondering when it will end.

Investors who are still holding on to their assets in crypto are wondering when the bearish market will end soon and when they can expect the next rally. As of the current situation in the market, it is obvious that the crypto winter is not going anywhere soon.

However, one particular Investment fund CEO is feeling rather optimistic about the market making a major comeback. In fact, they believe that Crypto winter will end soon, and it will all be triggered by a single event.

Just One Event Will Allow the Market to Rally

One of the first things that are really getting to individuals that still have their assets in the crypto market is if the crypto winter will even end. More specifically, is it possible that market conditions could drastically improve so that they can make a major profit.

Well according to various investors and CEOs, the days of the crypto winter are numbered, and it will not last long. More specifically, they are talking about how the US dollar index will likely hit a slump, which will help various other financial markets like Stock and crypto.

Whys is the Dollar Index Dropping

Despite the overall bearish conditions in the market, us dollar continued to show unprecedented growth. Due to a number of international policies, the dollar continued to grow fast against various other currencies, offering a safe haven to many investors.

In fact, one of the reasons why many investors left the crypto market in the first place was to go to forex. However, as the index reaches its peak, investors with deep pockets will likely start diversifying and start taking on a little more risk.

As they move away from the safety of the US dollar, they are likely to start investing in the crypto and stock market.

Could The Bearish Market Really End

As various cryptocurrencies continue to lose value due to the harsh conditions of the market right now, many are still holding out hope that things will improve. More specifically, they are optimistic that Bitcoin will rally and move past the bearish market, taking various other cryptocurrencies with it.

By Brandon Craig
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