Coinbase has Secured Top Spot on App Store

Coinbase, the most extensive and tenacious crypto exchange there is, has just been awarded as the most downloaded app on App Store, and this current approach is reflected by data collected over the past few days. It is not like Coinbase has only been awarded a prime spot in App Store or play store for this time around. The app secured the same rating back in 2017, and this time around, Coinbase is a tad more popular and is enjoyed by many more customers around the world.

It also suggests that that crypto fever is at its brightest right now, and people are just downloading whatever app they can get their hands on for the sake of trading in the crypto market. As it happens, Coinbase is not only a very potent crypto exchange, but its app is just as fabulous. People want to use something that offers a more user-friendly interface end-user experience also matters; Coinbase has both of these elements nailed regarding the app, no wonder why it is at number one right now.

Coinbase App Sees Growth

As for the crypto market and the overall bumps and ticks it has been experiencing, here goes a few of them. Bitcoin plummeted below $60K yesterday, but in the 24-hour cycle, the flagship cryptocurrency has managed to once again duck out of $60K and reach a whopping $61K. Shiba Inu, the meme coin, has managed to surpass Dogecoin in terms of market cap, and short-term traders have gone extremely platonic on the Shiba right now; this explains the current downloads for the Coinbase app.

It is pretty standard for a crypto exchange or an app to just light up with new investors when the market is flourishing; this is exactly what’s happening with Coinbase here. Once the market has completed its toll and the bullish run is over, most of these users are just going to quit as they would have fulfilled their dose of crypto market for the time being. It might be many months when they decide to give crypto trading another try, but that too is only imminent when the whole market is in the green or performing better than today.

By Howard Ford
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