has Launched Brand Campaign Featuring Hollywood Celebrities is a piece of cryptocurrency news, exchange, and trading platform. The business has been operating for the last five years, and it has now decided to launch a new advertisement campaign. This new campaign is catching a lot of attention due to its scale and scope. The latest ad that has been released as part of this campaign stars the Hollywood senior actor Matt Damon.

The advert centers on the main theme and aim of the company. The targeted audience of this ad is not limited but the whole world. Damon claims that this product has the power to change the lives of people and empower them. The award-winning academy director from The Prestige Wally Pfister and Cinematographer from The Fight Club David Fincher is also associated with this advert.

Mainstream Adoption of Cryptocurrencies

Kris Marszalek is the CEO of, who is both excited and nervous about the new series of marketing and global campaigning. Speaking to the media recently, he claimed that the world at large is going to witness the adoption of cryptocurrencies on a mainstream level shortly. He further added that the timing of this advert has coincided with this phenomenon deliberately.

Marszalek claims that has been operating for years to make the widespread awareness and adoption of cryptocurrencies possible. He believes that centralized financial institutions are going to become a thing of the past with the new crypto revolution. He believes that when the world is changing, his company is going to be at the forefront to assist in this transition.

The new advert of is titled Fortune Favors the Bold. The main idea of this advertisement is to encourage people to take the risk of digital trading and make efforts to understand that how the new financial markets of the future are going to operate. Before starting with the marketing campaign, the digital investment organization made a hefty donation of $1 million to is a non-profit organization that was founded by non-other than Matt Damon himself. Damon claims that the drive is directed towards making philanthropic contributions in the global communities. He further explained that is also a platform that can contribute to empowering people financially and grant them independence.

By Howard Ford
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