Crypto Exchange Binance Hires Ex-Europol Dark Web Specialist

Binance is on a mission to make its exchange the most secure and fundamental of all the crypto exchanges out there. To do so, Binance is only taking up the most exceptional and professional investigators and analysts from all over the tech industry. Recently Binance acquired a very prominent name in the crypto analysts for their investigations and audit team, and this week the same has happened but with a twist. This time around, they have gone for an Ex-Europol dark web specialist to join their investigations and audit team. Nils Andersen Roed is the new recruit of Binance for their investigations and audit team.

Binance has issued a latest press release in which it has told the media that how serious the crypto exchange is for eliminating threats and bad actors from stealing the money or identity of its users. Cybercrimes are increasing at a steady pace, and if nothing significant is done to cut their flight, then it would continue to be a significant problem for the tech and crypto industry both.

Binance Will Not Tolerate Any Bad Actors Using Its Platform For Cybercrimes

Anderson will be in charge of conducting a total investigation of different sections of the exchange and leading not only the internal but also external investigators to find out individuals and cybercriminals who have bad intentions and want to commit a crime using Binance as their go-to platform.

Another vibrant role that Andersen would have to lead with includes assisting law enforcement agencies and regulators for any ongoing investigation with the exchange and then at the same time ensuring that all user funds are indeed protected and well. This will not only help and distinguish the bad actors from normal or day-to-day users but also will provide merit for the rest of the crypto industry and exchanges so the criminal activities, on the whole, could be stopped or paced indefinitely. It is a long road indeed, but with contributions from the audit and investigations team and the whole crypto world coming together, this milestone is yet achievable.

By Howard Ford
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