Crypto Is Losing Demand As A Payment Method, Claims JPMorgan

JPMorgan has recently made a statement claiming that the demand for cryptocurrencies has been falling as a payment method/tool.

Crypto Losing Traction as a Payment Method

The investment division of JPMorgan, one of the largest payments entities in the entire world has made a claim about cryptocurrencies.

Takis Georgakopoulos from the investment banking division of JPMorgan has claimed that they are seeing a constant demise in demand for cryptocurrencies as a payment method.

It was during an interview that Georgakopoulos made the claim suggesting that the cryptocurrencies no longer have the same popularity they had until late 2021.

Statement by Georgakopoulos

Georgakopoulos claimed that every passing month, they are seeing the demand for cryptocurrencies move lower as a payment method. They have been monitoring the trend for the past six months and the demand has been falling significantly.

In the past and the running month, the demand for crypto payment methods has shrunk tremendously and it is too little among their clients.

JPMorgan to Continue with Crypto Offering

Georgakopoulos has confirmed that although they are seeing a demise in the crypto demand, they will not remove the tool at all. Even if the demand drops close to none, they will keep the option available for their clients.

This way, they will be able to make payments using cryptocurrencies whenever they want and won’t have to go through any kind of inconvenience.

Georgakopoulos Shared Interest in Gaming and Metaverse

According to the head of investment banking at JPMorgan, they are closely monitoring the cryptocurrency and the blockchain industry.

They have recorded a significant rise in demand for crypto-blockchain technology in the gaming sector. Even the metaverse sector seems to be gaining much ground in the gaming and virtual entertainment industry with the help of crypto-blockchain technology.

He added that their company has been witnessing a great demand for crypto-blockchain in the gaming and metaverse industries. They find both sectors to be full of opportunities and may attempt to gain exposure in both territories.

Jamie Dimon’s Take on Cryptocurrencies

It was last weekend when Jamie Dimon, the JPMorgan CEO talked about cryptocurrencies. He has proven to be a strong opponent of cryptocurrencies, showing no respect for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

He has even gone on to great lengths to call Bitcoin to be a Ponzi Scheme. Although Dimon has a negative perspective about cryptocurrencies, he admires the existence of blockchain technology and stablecoins.

This is a great indication that although JPMorgan may not explore cryptocurrencies, they may continue exploring blockchain technology. JPMorgan is also very supportive of decentralized finance technology.

This means that going forward, JPMorgan may offer opportunities to different blockchain firms and businesses to benefit from them.

By Brandon Craig
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