DOGE & SHIB – Top Gainers of Past Two Weeks

End-year spark hasn’t yet been seen in the global crypto economy. Bitcoin is falling too much behind its expected value prior to the year-end. While there were a few ups and downs, yet Bitcoin couldn’t even manage to cross the level of US$ 60,000. Instead, it has been struggling even remain on top of US$ 50,000.

On 25th December 2021, the 24-hrs highest value for Bitcoin was US$ 51,545 and the lowest in the day was US$ 50,451. However, the day trading on 25th closed at US$ 50,919 by Bitcoin. This shows that the present crucial price threshold for Bitcoin is US$ 50,000 plus while the next milestone is US$ 60,000. But it seems that the US$ 60,000 price for Bitcoin is not going to happen before 2021’s end, which has only 5 days left.

However, the crypto market was different for a few cryptocurrencies, in particular for meme-coins such as SHIB and DOGE.

Within this meme-coin economy, there are more than 12 cryptocurrencies and in the past two weeks, the entry meme-coin economy has surged considerably. The surge came apparent after the dip of 12% which became apparent three weeks ago on 5th December 2021. A week later, the meme-crypto economy started to swell and as of today has increased by 14.61%. On 5th December 2021, the economy was below US$ 47 Billion and now it is above US$ 54 Billion.

Looking at the meme-crypto economy today shows that the past two week’s top earners are DOGECOIN and SHIB. Currently, DOGECOIN is the leading meme-crypto economy in terms of its value as well as by its market valuation while SHIB is at number second. In terms of gaining momentum in the past two weeks, however, SHIB’s value increase is higher than DOGECOIN. The past two weeks brought 9.6% gains for DOGECOIN and 21% for SHIB coin.

Even SHIB cannot be put in first place in terms of the past two weeks’ top gainers. In fact, the title of ‘past two-weeks gainer meme coin is secured by Dogecoin Mars which fetched gains over 54.5%. Dogecoin Mars was followed by Baby Dogecoin with a value increase of 43% in the past two weeks.

While the past two weeks were remarkable for most of the meme-coins, perhaps for ten of them, yet there were losers as well. Smugdoge was the ultimate loser who couldn’t fetch any gains and yet its value declined by 54.4%.

Meanwhile, healthy competition has been going on between SHIB and DOGECOIN. In terms of their individual base values, DOGECOIN is defeating SHIB with a value of US$ 0.19. On the other hand, SHIB’s value is US$ 0.000038. However, in terms of their individual market caps, there is only a very small difference between them. At presently, DOGECOIN’s market cap is over US$ 25 Billion while SHIB’s market cap is hovering above US$ 20 Billion.

By Mike McIntosh
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