Edward Snowden Cautions Traders Against Shiba Inu

The crypto market is flourishing with lightning speed as new cryptocurrencies are being introduced on a daily basis now. You already know the main cryptocurrencies there are, such as Bitcoin, Ether, and XRP, but many other digital tokens have also joined the crypto market from time to time. The most important and distinguishing are Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, which are both meme-based coins. Shiba Inu has seen some incredible returns over the past few weeks and was eventually able to surpass the market capitalization of Dogecoin.

It has become the ultimate meme-based token out there and is being adopted right and left by many. AMC, for instance, which is the biggest theater chain in the world, has recently announced the adoption of Shiba Inu. Edward Snowden, the famous whistleblower, has also been around and, from time to time, has shared his insights regarding what is happening out there and what people should expect from all of this. Edward Snowden is of the opinion that Shiba Inu might not be able to make you rich.

Edward Snowden Warns Investors against Meme Tokens

There have been many alarms going off regarding Shiba Inu and its amazingly phenomenal performance, which according to many crypto analysts, might die down in the future. Edward Snowden took it to Twitter to warn his followers about investing their hard-earned money into Shiba Inu. He said that if somebody presents you with an opportunity that says that your investment would be secure, it would yield consistent returns and economically would be able to outsmart the whole crypto market, which by the way is the essence of volatility, then you might be a fool to believe these statements.

He said that the crypto market is extremely volatile at its core, and even the most significant of cryptocurrencies such as Ether or Bitcoin don’t stand a chance when market corrections start to pile up and bring the performance of these cryptocurrencies down. He admits that although Shiba Inu was able to secure some amazing returns on the initial investment being made by various investors, it is unlikely that it would be able to outsmart the whole crypto market and would just earn you consistent returns over the years.

By Howard Ford
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