El Salvador has Decided to Build 20 Bitcoin Schools Using Bitcoin Profits

El Salvador remains the only country to accept Bitcoin as a legal tender to this date. Many other countries have ferociously talked about this opportunity to make Bitcoin a legal tender, but these were only talks at their best and nothing related to the motion or progression of these talks turning into reality. Many amazing projects have been launched and deemed successful in El Salvador despite the fact that both the World Bank and IMF advised El Salvador not to go through with the transition of making Bitcoin a legal tender.

There were many obscure judgments and predictions that if the country went on with this thing, then its economy would likely collapse. But El Salvador has managed to make this thing a reality despite all the negativity lack of support. After putting in all this hard work and arranging projects after projects around Bitcoin, El Salvador is finally turning a profit. The country is already making plans to utilize this profit for the good of the people.

El Salvador will Spread Crypto Awareness Among Citizens

Another project is being drawn up as we speak where twenty Bitcoin schools would be developed and made functional with the profit the country is turning from its Bitcoin-related investments. These Bitcoin schools are to be taken into a literal sense which means these will be educating people regarding Bitcoin and the concept of decentralization. When these schools are fully constructed and made functional, the supplies and other maintenance-oriented elements would be covered by the state of El Salvador coming from the same source of Bitcoin-oriented profit. This is without any doubt the most remarkable project country has ever drafted and will start working on it soon enough.

Think of the possibilities that almost every El Salvador national not only knows about what Bitcoin is but has enough knowledge to start trading or investing in the digital asset. El Salvador would really be turning a page not only in terms of making Bitcoin a legal tender but also facilitating its people and nationals to learn about crypto trading and become literate enough to start their own business for good.

By Howard Ford
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