Florida’s ‘Freedom First Budget’ Wishes to Welcome Digital Currency Payments against State Fees

At the announcement of the annual budget for Florida, the Governor of Florida proposed that a mechanism should be adopted which can accept digital currencies against payment of state fees. Governor Ron DeSantis is of the view further that for adopting the crypto payment mechanism, a separate department is required to be established.

The annual budget of 2022-23 has been announced for the State of Florida by Ron DeSantis, the Governor of Florida. The budget was named as “Freedom First Budget”.

DeSantis is an attorney by profession first and then joined the Republican political party of the US. He was elected as the 46th Governor for the State of Florida.

It seems that Florida’s Governor has a keen interest in digital currencies, which was seen at the announcing of the state’s annual budget. While revealing the budget for 2022-23, he proposed that the state needs a mechanism where cryptocurrencies should be accepted. He was of the view that businesses operating in the state should be allowed to at least pay their dues owed to the state. For instance, businesses should have the liberty to settle their state fees through cryptocurrencies, if they so desire. He also suggested that the State of Florida must transform into a crypto-friendly state. He advised that Florida has a great business community and there is a genuine need to advance the commerce sector. For this, he insisted that the state, as well as its authorities, must encourage digital currency payments.

Soon after announcing the budget, the Governor happened to deliver a speech at Tallahassee. During his address, he emphasized that the state functionaries in Florida must adopt the technology of blockchain. For this, they needed to start pilot programs to make sure that the technology is utilized in letter and spirit. He suggested that initially the technology must be incorporated within the two-state departments of Medicaid and Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles.

DeSantis’s tenure as the Governor is about to expire and the election process is anticipated to commence in the near future. However, he has decided to run for his re-election. There is also news that he might be contesting the next Presidential Elections of the US. However, the authenticity and genuineness of the news are not yet confirmed.

There are a large number of politicians from the State of Florida who are very supportive of digital currencies. Even the State of Florida is garnering huge popularity and is assumed to be a crypto-friendly state. The most popular politician amongst the digital currency supporters from Florida is the Mayor of Miami namely Francis Suarez. Suarez has a dream plan in turning his city of governance into a crypto hub. He is amongst the few American politicians who are also receiving some portion of their salaries in cryptocurrencies.

By Mike McIntosh
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