Flow (FLOW), Neo (NEO) Drop Again as Chronoly (CRNO) Extend Upside

Neo, Flow, and Chronoly.io projects joined the cryptocurrency marketplace with new concepts. FLOW and NEO concentrate on creating a network for developers to build dApps, while CRNO wants to enhance the watch NFT market.

Meanwhile, CRNO has gained 560% in three months of pre-sale as NEO and FLOW. Let us check what it takes to overcome negative sentiments (according to these projects).

Will NEO Try Recovery Again?

Neo is among the alts that received support from the cryptocurrency community regardless of pessimistic market sentiment. The altcoin launched upside when the overall market attempted revivals.

Nevertheless, NEO couldn’t sustain the upside, plunging to close under $10. Developers work alL ways to rescue the token, including the N3 migration.

N3 is the most feature-rich Neo blockchain version. Token holders can take part in the project’s governance. Market analysts trust successful N3 migration would see Neo (NEO) price surging towards $20 before December. While publishing this blog, NEO traded at $11.25.

Flow Transforms culture & community in Web3

Flow (FLOW) is among the tokens trying recoveries but failing for multiple reasons. First and foremost, market sentiment remains a massive investor turn-off, which forces traders to dump the coin.

Secondly, the Flow team hasn’t taken concrete moves to collaborate with social influences to attract young market players to the ecosystem. Experts trust that narratives shifting would see the token rebounding from its downside to explore $5.

Flow is a Web3 network designed to run the next generation of games, apps, and digital assets. Also, developers can use it to ensure an improved experience for users. FLOW price remained stable in 2021 until this year’s downward wave triggered sharp plunges. While publishing this post, FLOW traded at $2.66.

Chronoly.io Ready to Outshine Popular Coins

Chronoly’s development team has massive strategies following the more than 560% gains. The creators maintain innovations to ensure investors and traders can purchase, sell, invest, and trade luxury watches without hassle.

Chronoly.io allows individuals to own a part of collectible watches from recognized brands such as Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe, and Richard Mille. That translates to physical backing.

CRNO maintained upside movements, even amid the current crypto slump that saw leading assets hitting all-time lows. Analysts trust real-world utility helped Chronoly maintain its bullish run. Also, the project grants exclusive perks for token holders, including participation in watch giveaways, monthly rewards, and cash prizes.

By Edward Richardson
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