GameStop Forms a New Partnership with FTX US

GameStop, a major gaming retailer in the United State has announced it has formed a partnership with FTX US.

GameStop and FTX US Join Hands

The major gaming retailer has announced that it has formed a partnership with FTX US, a major cryptocurrency exchange operating in the United States. The exchange is operated and headed by Sam Bankman-Fried.

GameStop has been interacting with the world of cryptocurrencies for a long time. However, it expedited its cryptocurrency adoption by the end of 2020.

Since then, the gaming retailer has continued seeking more and more exposure in the cryptocurrency industry. In early 2021, GameStop was also supported by the cryptocurrency and Reddit communities when the company’s stocks skyrocketed.

Now, GameStop has decided to form a partnership with one of the major cryptocurrency exchanges in the United States to take its crypto adoption to a new level.

GameStop wants to attract more Crypto Users

According to GameStop officials, they want to bring in more users to the cryptocurrency industry. GameStop aims to become a bridge between the cryptocurrency industry and the mainstream sector through its gaming exploration in the blockchain industry.

As per the gaming retailer, it will be working closely with FTX US in order to introduce multiple market initiatives for the online communities.

GameStop to Introduce Customers to FTX US

Following their partnership, GameStop will be referring its users to interact with the ecosystem offered by the FTX crypto exchange.

According to the gaming retailer, their users will be able to benefit significantly through the ecosystem offered by the exchange. The users will be able to interact with the digital assets offered through FTX US marketplace.

In addition to the above, GameStop will become a preferred retail partner of the FTX exchange in the US.

GameStop Retail Stores to Offer Gift Cards

Following the partnership, FTX gift cards will be introduced at the retail stores of GameStop. However, the cards will not be introduced at all of the stores at GameStop. Instead, the cards will be introduced at particular and selected retail stores of GameStop.

As of now, GameStop has a total of 2,970 stores all over the United States.

Comments by Matt Furlong

Matt Furlong, the chief executive officer at GameStop talked about their partnership with FTX US during the Q2 earnings call.

Furlong stated that with their new partnership, their aim is to offer unique and unmatched products related to cryptocurrencies to their customers. This way, both companies will be able to gain tremendously from the partnership.

The partnership will not only expand their exposure in the retail space but in the cryptocurrency industry as well.

By Brandon Craig
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