Global CTB Review – Is Global CTB Scam or Legit?

Global CTB Review

Global CTB logoThere are certain features that traders look for before choosing any trading platform. These trading platforms are called brokers that aid individuals to trade in assets of their choice. Increased demand for online trading has led many traders to search for brokers that are reliable and trustworthy at the same time. But before you select one, it is significant to know about all the services the broker provides. It can be done by going through the reviews. This review article is about the broker “Global CTB.” At the end of this Global CTB review, you will know why you should go for this broker as your ultimate trading partner.

It was not easy back then to get registered with any online broker and trade the assets suitable for you. In the past, the trading process was time-consuming, and only those individuals who had huge capital for investments could afford the trading business. Multiple industries, along with the financial sector, came into the digital world with their internet-based platforms in recent years. At this time, it is as much as important to have an online platform for business along with a physical one. Technological advancements and the internet have completely changed the trading dynamics. Now, people with low investments can also take part in the trading world. They can enter this world by selecting a broker or an exchange that offers a variety of assets and multiple account options.

Not every broker offers such services that can assist every type of trader in their trading business. Moreover, the competition in the market is on the rise, and thousands of brokers are already in the market. It is difficult to perceive the legitimacy of any brokerage firm. Investors always look for platforms that guarantee foolproof security measures, the availability of customer support, and a fast yet interactive trading platform with all the advanced trading tools that can help customers to earn enormous profits.

If we talk about Global CTB, then this broker is always on the top of search results. Its popularity is due to the numerous facilities available for several types of traders. Not just crypto assets, but this broker also allows you to participate in assets such as indices, energy metals, and commodities. Not only this, but through Global CTB, you can have access to the stock market 24/7. Not to limit the choices and trading profile of any individual, such a vast asset index is offered by this brokerage firm. The following are the features of this broker that are vital for you to know as a trader.

An Excellent Platform for Trading

Global CTB website

The platform that the trading firm offers is important because it is the first impression on the customers that may attract or even discourage them from choosing from any broker. It is because if you do not find the platform up to the mark, then there is a high chance that you can give up on the platform no matter what other features it does have.

As a trader, you need to ensure that the platform is of high standards. There are some features on which you can count to know the standards of any online trading platform such as the graphics of the forum, the availability of multiple trading tools on the platform, and the speed of the platform can greatly impact any trader’s trading business.

When the discussion is about Global CTB, then this broker excels in all the levels to be called an excellent trading platform. The speed of this platform is also phenomenal, and you can make some massive transactions within less time. The graphics of this platform are also soothing to the eyes, and the platform itself is easy to use. Moreover, to make your trading experience flawless, Global CTB has also added multiple modern trading tools that can actually increase the probability of gaining enormous profits.

Global CTB offers a web-based platform to trade, which actually means that you do not need to have a lot of space on your device to get your business started. It also means that you do not have to worry about all processes, such as installation and downloading. A stable internet connection and a gadget of your choice are enough to get registered with this broker and to start your trading business right away.

Diversity in Trading Assets

Brokers all around the world offer multiple instruments to trade. But the main issue is that they restrict their customers by offering a limited asset index, which negatively impacts a trader’s trading portfolio. There are millions of online traders looking for opportunities to enhance their trading portfolios. These opportunities can only be provided by brokers by offering a wide variety of assets. Global CTB permits traders to trade in stocks, commodities, indices, and energy metals. You can say that there are several brokers in the market that offers such assets. It is actually a fact but when we talk about crypt assets; the case is different.

The crypt assets have gained popularity in recent years. We all have heard the name Bitcoin, which came into existence 12 years ago. This digital asset was unknown to people till it made its investors millionaires within a short period. After the creation of Bitcoin, more than five thousand digital coins came into the market. At this point, digital assets have a great value and volatility. The volatility and value of such assets draw traders’ attention towards trading cryptocurrencies. Also, I have mentioned that there are several cryptocurrencies existing in the trading market right now. It is also true that these digital assets vary in features and values.

Multiple crypto assets like Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum need huge investments to get profits. If new traders enter the trading world and want to start their trading business with low investments, they cannot go for such cryptocurrencies. The solution to this is the broker having a wide variety of crypto assets. There are multiple other digital coins that are affordable and tend to give profits as well.

If we talk about the cryptocurrencies individually, then Bitcoin is the largest cryptocurrency in the digital market right now. It is now even accepted at PayPal as a payment method. Even the ones who aren’t into trading yet do know about Bitcoin’s worth and its tendency to give profits. The second-largest cryptocurrency is Ethereum. This digital coin is also as popular as Bitcoin and is accepted globally. Moreover, just like Bitcoin, Ethereum is also accepted by PayPal as a payment method. Litecoin is one of the digital coins that emerged just after the creation of bitcoin. It is also accepted and has great worth and value and people who invest in it profit themselves.

If you are a trader at Global CTB, you will have access to numerous cryptocurrencies. Not only do they offer some well-known cryptocurrencies, but they have also added those coins that are affordable to traders with low budgets. This brokerage firm’s dedicated staff is completely aware of everything that is going on in the financial industry. They follow in-depth research of the coin before offering it on their platform. They look for its value, its volatility, and its worth in the near future. Such options do motivate every level of a trader to get into the trading world of cryptocurrencies. Global CTB has added affordable cryptocurrencies like NEO, DASH, Ripple, Monero, and Bitcoin Cash. All of these cryptocurrencies are cheap and have the tendency to grow enormously in the future. If we talk about the affordable coins individually then they carry certain features.

Global CTB trading assets

  • NEO

This crypto asset is lighter, and the transaction speed of this cryptocurrency is phenomenal. This cryptocurrency tends to grow in the future.

  • Monero

Monero is a great choice for people who are interested in investing in affordable cryptocurrencies. It is growing enormously and will have great value in the coming days.

  • DASH

DASH is the most trusted digital coin compared to all the others because of its dynamic nature. If you invest in DASH, there is a high chance that you will always remain in profit.

  • Ripple

Ripple is affordable but a high-risk investment that can profit the investors immensely.

  • Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash is lighter than Bitcoin, Its transactions are quick, and this coin is improving its worth day by day in the crypto market.

As a trader, you can always rely on Global CTB because they provide multiple options. Along with some known crypto assets, they have also added those digital coins in which traders with low investments can also participate and get successful in this business with time.

Secure Platform

To several traders, the platform’s security matters the most because none of the traders can ever compromise on their identity and money. After the boom in demand for online brokers, there are multiple cases where the traders got affected by identity thefts and money laundering issues. Also, in the online market, you should be aware of the hackers who are always interested in getting your personal details, and as a trader, your money as well. Before selecting a broker, you should always ensure the security measures taken by the brokerage firm are robust to be safe from any possible cyber-attack or cybercrime.

But the question is, what measures can actually make a platform secure? The answer is that the broker needs to follow certain rules and regulations to keep its platform secure. The policies are already there, and as a legitimate broker, you need to implement them to make your platform safe for trading.

When it is about Global CTB, then as a requirement, they too gain some of the essential and personal information from the customer. The personal data is needed to execute the policies which the broker follows. These policies are KYC (Know Your Customer) policy and AML (Anti Money Laundering) policy. KYC policy prevents identity thefts, and the broker keeps the check on the customers by acquiring their data time by time so that none of the hackers can get access to your account.

AML policy, on the other hand, looks after the money thefts. If the broker you select follows AML policy, then you should go for it. It is because AML policy makes sure that the capital you invest is only used in trading-related activities. It means that your money cannot be used in terrorist funding or in any illegal matter. Global CTB also follows the SSL encryption technology to ensure the customers that the transmissions made among brokers are protected. Also, this brokerage firm adheres to requirements and legislation instituted by financial authorities in the monetary sector. It is significant for the traders because after implementing this policy, it is ensured that the broker is there to protect traders’ data and payments.

Account Options at Global CTB

There are numerous traders in the market who look for a broker that is offering multiple account options. It is yet an essential feature of any brokerage firm to have various account options within the platform. With millions of traders in the market, it is not possible to execute every trader’s demand on a single account. There are a number of traders in the market, and their demands vary a lot.

The ones with no experience of trading look for a platform where they can gain knowledge about trading and earn through it at the same time. It means they really do not want a lot of facilities that are beyond their understanding. On the other hand, seasoned traders want brokers to facilitate them in every manner. They want each and every tool on their trading interface, which eventually will increase their chances of gaining profits in the trading business. Furthermore, not every trader’s budget is the same; also, their requirements differ much.

To cover such a diversity in the demands of traders, Global CTB has come up with various account options. In total, the broker offers six different account types. These account types differ in features. It is upon you that what account option you select. You can make your choice according to your level of expertise and the budget you have. From a beginner level to an expert level, different options are given to the traders so they can make their selection accordingly. In this way, chances of profits will increase for traders.


This Global CTB review article contains all the required information you need to have before making any decision of a broker. Global CTB is different from all the other brokers because it gives several options to the traders and does not limit them in any sense.

When it is about the assets present on this broker, then they are numerous. But specifically, if we talk about digital assets, then this broker is on the top of the list. Starting from the largest cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, it offers cheap digital assets as well so that the ones with low budgets can also take part in the digital trading world. This broker has implemented some of the strongest security measures to ensure that the traders’ money and identity are in safe hands.

Moreover, when it is about the platform, then there are multiple resources present at the brokerage firm that can impact your trading business positively. Not just the staff is there to facilitate you at every step, but also you have access to multiple resources within the platform, so there is no need for you to believe the rumors about the ups and downs in the market. As a trader in Global CTB, you just have to be a bit more focused on your trading strategies and the business itself. Other factors like security concerns, the availability of trading tools, and the platform are broker’s responsibility.

The customers of this broker also get multiple account options. The six accounts available at Global CTB actually welcome traders of different levels to join the trading world. Different types of account demand different range of money deposits. The ones with tons of experience usually go for the account options that allow traders to gain huge profits. On the contrary, the ones with no or even little knowledge of trading look for a platform where they can gain profits and work on their skills to become successful market professionals in the future. We all know the fact that even an experienced trader was once a novice trader.

Global CTB is a trustworthy trading platform, and that is the reason it gained popularity among the traders within less time. This brokerage firm aims to motivate amateur traders to come into the financial world of trading and gain money by implementing some right trading techniques. Also, the firm understands the diversity within the traders, and to support the traders of intermediate and expert level, they have added certain features that can actually make their trading business successful. If you choose Global CTB as your trading platform, it is guaranteed that you will always be in profits because the assistance provided by this broker is remarkable.

By Howard Ford
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