Google Shares Data That Shows Bitcoin Is Losing Traction While Web3 Is Gaining Popularity

Over time, the interest of the internet community has started to fade in favor of Bitcoin (BTC). However, people are curious to know as much as they can about the new technology ‘Web3’.

Google Shares Interesting Trend Details

Google has recently shared its data about the interest of the existing and potential cryptocurrency community in Bitcoin and other crypto market trends.

The data shared by Google is quite interesting and goes to confirm that the interest of the crypto community has finally started to shift from Bitcoin.

The cryptocurrency industry has been around for more than a decade. Since 2009, the asset that has been most searched on the internet is none other than Bitcoin in general.

In the year 2021, Google recorded that ETH, DOGE, SHIB, DeFi, and metaverse also managed to gain traction on the internet. But in general, it has been Bitcoin that is the most searched asset on the internet.

Now it seems that Web3 has started to get the attention of the majority of the cryptocurrency community. The data recently collected by Google from “Google Trends” is providing that confirmation.

True Sentiments of Crypto Community

Over the years, Google Trends has proven to be very useful even for the cryptocurrency industry to establish exactly where the crypto community is oriented.

This way, the cryptocurrency industry can develop technologies and facilities targeting the sectors that are performing really well.

Crypto firms can also introduce improvements in projects failing to gain much public attention.

Whether it was the introduction and developments in the NFT industry or the metaverse, it was Google Trends that provided very reliable information.

Google Trends actually works to provide information about the actual sentiments of the public regarding cryptocurrencies and their advancements.

Highest Google Trends

In recent months, the most searched keyword on Google as confirmed by Google Trends for the cryptocurrency industry is “Bitcoin Dead”.

It goes to show exactly what the mindset of the public is in terms of the largest cryptocurrency. On the other hand, the searches for “Bitcoin” have fallen to the lowest level in the running year.

While Bitcoin searches have started to go down on the internet, the searches for “Web3” have started to gain momentum.

The data shows that the searches for Web3 have reached their peak in the running year. The level is currently moving at its peak and its search level stands at 72, while Bitcoin stands at 27.

This shows that in the year 2022, the searches for Web3 have grown almost three times more than Bitcoin.

Search Segregation

Google Trends has also shared segregated data for cryptocurrency searches. It has been confirmed that out of all the countries, El Salvador, Nigeria, and the Netherlands have the highest search level for Bitcoin.

As for Web3, the country producing the highest number of searches is China. Once again, Nigeria makes its way to being one of the highest “Web3” search contributing countries.

By Brandon Craig
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