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Group 500 Review

Group 500 logoIf you are planning to grow in the online trading industry, you must go for a broker that can facilitate you in multiple ways and provide you with various services. Group 500 is a trading platform that aids traders to get success in their online trading business in less time. This Group 500 review discusses some dominant aspects of this brokerage firm that traders must know before finalizing Group 500 as their ultimate trading partner.

The online trading world has shown a boom after the arrival of the internet. At this point, there are thousands of brokers in the online market that have raised the competition. It is why traders find it complicated to choose or trust any specific broker when they have such options.

But when the talk is about Group 500, then this broker is on top when it is about providing benefits to the traders. This broker is constantly increasing its consumers because it is reliable. Many brokers claim to be ‘Perfect’ when you join them, but then you get to know the reality. You can simply trust this broker because many traders are a part of it and are now pretty happy with their choice.

Not only does this broker implement what it says, but it also guarantees that the traders can achieve their goals by making some right decisions and by applying some useful techniques with the broker’s assistance. Also, Group 500 knows in this internet era. It is quite hard for the customers to trust any broker with their money. It is why they have mentioned everything clearly on their website.

The fact is that Group 500 as a broker has kept the highest level of transparency. If you want to know their legal policy, you can find a complete page on their website for it. Likewise, if you are interested in learning about the platform itself, you can discover that too on their website. You can simply rely on it because they are very clear with their words and apply what they say.

To explore brokers, traders find reviews as the best option. With the help of reviews, they get to know what they want to. As a trader, there are certain factors on which you cannot compromise. As told earlier, security is one of them. But, there are many other factors too that include the platform itself, the asset index, and the availability of customer support.

Group 500 website

You do not need to worry if you haven’t reached a conclusion regarding your broker yet. This in-depth research on the brokerage firm Group 500 will clear all your doubts and will provide you with tons of information. This article includes details of all those aspects that play a key role for traders to make money in this industry.

Simple Sign-up Process

Whenever you read the word ‘sign up’ or ‘registration,’ you may have thought about it as a lengthy process. In fact, in some cases, it is true. There are brokers that acquire data from you that is not required. Those brokers give you some long forms to fill and expect you to mention all the details that are required.

Indeed, this is a time taking process. Many traders even leave those lengthy forms incomplete. It is not because they are uninterested. It is because those traders cannot compromise on their time. As for most investors, “time is money.”

To explain this, I shall give you an example. Suppose you got to know that the market is rising, and even if you invest less, you may get a chance to win tons of profit. But through which platform could you perform all that trading? The answer is that you must find a broker and invest in the rising market through it.

Most of the time, you get access to the broker only after you register for it, and I think that is totally fine. But it is only fine when you gather the necessary information from the customer. In most cases, people lose a chance to gain profits. The reason is that people involve themselves in filling up those forms that demand information that is not important. Moreover, most of the markets in the financial industry are volatile and can show ups and downs in a pretty short time.

To make things as clear, easy, and simple as possible, Group 500 has come up with a registration process that takes only a few minutes of the customers. As you reach their website, there will be a sign-up option, and you have to click that. After clicking that option, a form will appear on your device. This brief form requires information from you, such as your name, password, and the currency in which you like to trade. The current options for you in currencies are GBP, EUR, and USD.

However, for multiple security reasons, the broker may ask you for some important documentation and personal information. After you have gone through all those processes, you can be eligible to become a trader at Group 500.

Group 500 simple registration process

Secure Platform for Trading

The security of any trading platform can be judged by the policies it implements. It is undoubtedly one of the dominant concerns of traders and is usually the factor on which they decide which broker to choose. Traders are satisfied while selling and purchasing different assets when they know that the broker they have chosen is protected. It is because, along with some legitimate brokers, crooks and cheaters are also there, and their purpose is only to take over your identity and get your money.

When you go through the legal page of Group 500, you will witness multiple laws and rules that this broker follows. Two of the internationally recognized programs for security purposes are Anti-money laundering (AML) and know your customer policy (KYC). To your information, I must tell you that this broker does execute these policies and assure their legitimacy.

KYC policy prevents thefts related to identity. As told earlier, the broker asks for some personal data and documents from the customer to implement the security measures. To fulfill this policy, time by time, Group 500 acquires your details and ensures that it is only entertaining the customers, not the hackers.

AML policy checks for thefts that are related to money laundering. This policy assures that your money is in the right hands. Also, this policy is a surety by higher authorities that the money you invest will not be used in any illegal activities.

Furthermore, Group 500 follows encryption technology. It encrypts the data you share on the broker, and it is not accessible by anyone else except you. Now you can realize how much importance this broker gives to security overall and apply foolproof measures to make the broker guarded.

Excellent Trading Platform

As a trader, you must know the significance of the trading platform that you choose. It is because only on the platform will you do all your trading-related practices. The platform itself consists of tools that can actually help you to make some right decisions. These tools are huge in numbers when the talk is about Group 500. Along with an economic calendar, you get various other tools that are vital for you while carrying out your trading business. These tools include trading signals, trading news, one-on-one basic training, and an education center.

As a trader, you may also want to know if this platform is web-based or app-based. For that, I must tell you that Group 500 has a web-based platform. Being a web-based platform, you do not need to install or download heavy software on your device. You also do not need to have tons of space on your gadget. The only thing which is required is a device of your choice and a stable internet connection. If you have these two, you can surely carry out your trade with this broker.

Not only does this broker offer a web-based platform, but it is also portable. The portability of this platform can be judged by the availability of the software on various devices. The devices may include mobile phones, PC or even Laptops.

If you are a trader at Group 500, then you can carry out your trading business comfortably and on the device of your selection. The broker does not limit you to a Desktop or a Laptop. If you are constantly on the move, you can still trade through this broker through your mobile phone.


A proper education program is followed on Group 500, where those with no knowledge of trading can learn about it and practice it through the same platform. This broker does not keep the new traders in the dark and helps them polish their skills through the educational program. The education section contains a Crypto glossary.

This glossary helps traders to determine trading terms. Furthermore, other resources are also present, such as Forex basics, Fundamental analysis, technical analysis, trading plan, trading volatility, risk management, videos, and webinars.

Customer Care Services

Customer support is one of the predominant features of any brokerage firm. It is because not just the novice traders but the traders with tons of experience may also need the broker’s assistance at any point in time. Most of the brokers do provide their numbers and other modes of communication to the clients. But the fact is, there may be only a few brokers that may actually answer the queries of investors who are having issues within the platform.

Group 500 is always there for its customers to solve their concerns. As a trustable broker, it never leaves its clients at the time of need. If you are a new trader, you may have some repetitive issues and queries that you need to solve. The first thing for such traders is to look for their questions in the FAQs section. The FAQs section on the broker’s website is flooded with all the Frequently Asked Questions that the customers ask.

The second way is to contact the firm directly. There is a number of ways by which you can get into contact with the broker.

Group 500 has a dedicated staff for customer support services. The staff members are trading experts themselves and are always eager to help their customers at difficult times. For the staff, no query is a small one. They deal with each and every customer with respect and help them to move forward in this business. No matter if you just want to know how to make a withdrawal or your millions of dollars are at stake, the broker’s expert will be there to guide you to tackle that issue.

The first method is to call on the numbers provided on the website of Group 500. Altogether, there are three numbers available on which you can contact to get your problem resolved frequently. The second way is to write an email to the broker. The firm’s website is also available on the contact us page of the website. Your email should mention all the issues you are facing within the platform or while making a decision.

The third alternative is to fill up a short form. This short form is present on the contact us page and requires details such as your name, email address, and phone number. Also, in the ‘leave a message’ part, you have to enter your concerns, and the broker will get back to you with an answer.

Diverse Account Options

As we move forward, then it is an essential quality of a broker to have multiple account options. Diversity in account types can attract more and more people to join a platform. It is because not every trader is a millionaire or has a wealthy background.

There are people who just got into this business and want to learn with time. Also, we cannot neglect the fact that seasoned traders also need multiple resources and facilities to grow their business. You cannot ignore these differences and cannot entertain all the traders on a single account type.

To make things uncomplicated for everyone, Group 500 has introduced five account types on their platform. These five account options differ in features, and the broker facilitates different account holders in different ways. Below, I have highlighted the differences in these account types and the amount to open them.

  • Silver Account

This account option is for those traders who are just beginners. You can open this account type by making an investment of 10,000+. Account holders of this Silver account can get 24/5 customer support and one on one basic training. Along with that, you get access to a basic education center where you can learn about trading through expert guidance. In this account type, you get two signals per month from the VIP desk and trading news. Moreover, you also get access to the unlimited 365 trading dashboard.

  • Gold Account

The Gold account type can be opened up by making a minimum investment of 25,000. You should go for this account option if you are aware of the basics of trading. Along with all the mentioned facilities in the previous account type, the gold account type also offers a personal account manager. Not just this, but you also get trading signals and ten signals per month from the VIP desk.

  • Platinum Account

You should go for this account type if you know how to trade and are able to invest tons of capital in assets. This account type can be opened up by making a minimum investment of 100,000. With increased complexity in the trading business, the broker tries to assist you by enhancing the facilities. It is why you get a VIP personal account manager by opening this account. Not only this, but you will also get daily signals from the VIP desk. Along with all the services in the previous account type, Platinum account holders also get a Trading Algorithm and credit line for premium events. With no withdrawal fees, the broker only charges minimal trading fees and swap commission.

  • Signature Account

This account type is for those traders who are trading experts and want to earn enormous profits through trading. These account holders are eager to invest large sums of capital in investment to get even large profits out of it. The minimum deposition fee to open this account is 250,000. Along with all the other features in previous account types, in this account, you even get personal sessions with market analysts. Moreover, you become a member of the Traders Group Club. Not just that, but you also get leverage of 1:300 on trading. Also, you get insured contracts and First Priority for Hedging Strategies. Private banking is also available here.

  • VIP Account

The VIP account can be opened up by investing 1,000,000 +. As you deposit the money, all the features of this account type get unlocked.


The above Group 500 review contains tons of knowledge regarding the broker Group 500. This broker is secure. The hackers and cheaters are away from its accessibility. It provides multiple account options to the traders and welcomes more and more people in the trading world. Its education section is full of resources. Moreover, the customer care staff of this broker is dedicated and helpful at the same time. With such options available, you must go for Group 500 as your final decision.

By Howard Ford
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