Honduras Installs Its First Crypto ATM

Central American countries have been establishing more crypto-friendly positions while witnessing a consistent expansion in the crypto market. Last Sunday, the El Salvadoran president declared that an opportunity would be provided to the citizens to transform their crypto assets to fiat instantly after the implementation of the legal tender law of Bitcoin. The infrastructure comprising of state-provided Bitcoin wallets and ATMs would be constructed by the authorities. Likewise, in Panama, a bill has been proposed by a Congress member, which demands lawmakers to legalize Bitcoin. Honduras is another country joining them because it has incorporated its earliest crypto ATM.

“La Bitcoinera”: Honduran crypto ATM

It has been reported that a firm named TGU-Consulting-Group, which has its basis in Tegucigalpa (the capital of Honduras), has integrated the earliest crypto ATM of the country, which is locally called “la bitcoinera.” The consumers are permitted to utilize their local currency, “lempira,” to acquire Ethereum and Bitcoin through the ATM. Juan Mayen, TGU’s CEO, did the work to take that ATM to the country to make people aware of the digital assets via their experience.

Reuters reported that the CEO discussed the convenience brought about by this facility. He said that previously a person had to make the crypto investment through a peer-to-peer connection, and there were more chances of being looted as the environment of Honduras is much dangerous. Mayén added that the country is still seeing some after-effects of the Bitcoin adoption of El Salvador. He further mentioned that he accomplished the task with the assistance of Brock Pierce (a crypto billionaire). The BUILD’s (a crypto-based team in Honduras) members, including Mayén, met pierce, and then the ATM matter was solved, following which Brock Pierce congratulated the group in a tweet.

Nonetheless, according to Mayén, his far-reaching target is to initiate the earliest crypto exchange in Honduras in the coming months. He informed Yahoo Finance about his long-felt urgency to acquire his crypto exchange.

The entrepreneur journey of Juan Mayén

Following the completion of his MBA, which he did from a Tennessee-based U.S institute named the University of Memphis, Mayén came back to Honduras. Then he started working in association with a group of developers to construct an exchange of his own called BitReal. He also talked about the complications he underwent while commencing with the exchange. Nevertheless, he assured that presently he owns enough digital asset holdings to build his company in the country.

By Noe Cliff
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