Mayor Eric Adams Wants to Introduce NYC Coin for New York

Decentralization has a strong following even in the United States of America as there are official members of the state rooting for cryptocurrencies and or presenting the higher members of society ideas of developing new tokens for different states. Miami, for one, holds a very prominent spot in this activity. The mayor of Miami was extremely eccentric and enthusiastic around the idea of decentralization, but instead of going for dedicated crypto, they launched their own token known as Miami coin. Now it is more of a trend, and other states, especially New York, want to do the same.

The New York mayor-elect has said in a recent interview that he absolutely is on board with the idea of developing a new CBDC which will represent New York. Eric Adams is going to call this token the NYC coin. NYC coin has already started mining this Wednesday, and it is predicted that it will start trading soon and will be in the hands of the masses once the mining threshold is met. New Yorkers would be able to not only use this coin for the sake of purchasing goods and services but could also trade it or use it in any dedicated manner they would use the American dollar.

NYC Coin is Similar to MiamiCoin

Miami coin has been quite the hit as it brought $21.3 million for the Florida city since it started trading in August. Since it is a separate token representing the state of Miami, it does have a crypto wallet, a dedicated blockchain, and a completely intricate framework allowing people to take part in mining and its trading. There is this new community developed around the idea of CBDC tokens by the name of CityCoins community.

Patrick Stanley, who is a leader of this community, has said previously for Miami coin that it has already reeled in an incredible profit for the state of Miami, and for that reason alone, it is going to receive unaltered support from the state of Miami. It will continue forward and become a huge success. Eric Adams is being talked about as a crypto-friendly mayor, and New Yorkers are already admiring him for launching NYC coin.

By Howard Ford
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