New Bitcoin ETF Captures the Attention of Americans

The Securities and Exchange Commission has finally approved a new ETF after so much time and neglecting so many applications. What changed the perspective of the Commission regarding the approval of a crypto-oriented exchange-traded fund is a mystery still. ETFs are quite popular among the stock and forex markets as this measures the performance of various stocks, commodities, and assets, and people get to invest in them and earn suitable profits.

As both forex and stock market have their own exchange-traded funds, it was believed that the crypto market being an instrument of investments should have its own. Many countries such as Canada and various others have already worked on the legal framework required to issue an exchange-traded fund around cryptocurrency, and that is why there are multiple ETFs currently in action within those countries. United States remained the only country that didn’t approve any ETF for Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency for that matter.

As the Securities and Exchange Commission oversees every operation and regulates policies when it comes to the crypto market in America that is why multiple applications were submitted to the Commission back in the day regarding the approval of the first Bitcoin ETF. After so much time, finally, an application for the approval of a Bitcoin ETF future has been approved by the SEC, and the stock exchange of New York will be hosting this ETF. Many crypto analysts and traders have come forward in support of this very phenomenon as it was considered impossible for the Securities and Exchange Commission to give the green light to an ETF at all.

As the first Bitcoin ETF futures finally gets approved in the United States, the hopes for the approval of other ETFs regarding many other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum are currently being drawn. This could also mean that the Commission would be green lighting various other products regarding the crypto industry soon in the upcoming future, and it could also mean that there is a specific standard set now by the Commission and it will only allot license to those applications which will be fitting that criteria.

By Howard Ford
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