Polygon Is One Of The Most Promising Projects In The Crypto Industry

Whenever experts and laymen talk about the crypto industry, we are hearing buzzwords like “cutting-edge technology” and “pushing the boundaries”.

However, many DeFi projects are far from being pioneering platforms that are out there to change the way we see the world of finance. The number of startups that failed to live up to the hype is simply too high to say that we have seen something unbelievable.

Nonetheless, some projects manage to surprise everyone and build something lasting. Polygon is one of the best examples.

Tradfi, new startups, and established brands are flocking to Polygon

The network is focused on creating a scalable, highly efficient environment where any technology can be deployed quickly.

With its lean development and frequent updates, Polygon creates an aura of an incredibly flexible and reliable network where any business can find good growth opportunities.

Web 2.0 companies that have been digging deep into the concept of traditional online ecosystems relying on user-generated content are seeing limitations that the current model has.

We are in a world where security, anonymity, and efficiency attract customers. Creating web 3.0 solutions and integrating them into existing infrastructures or building new ones from scratch are seen as better approaches.

Polygon’s CEO Ryan Wyatt says that many companies that traditionally relied on instruments developed for web 2.0 are now flocking to his network hoping to evolve and deploy new products and features that would cater to an audience of tech-savvy individuals and those concerned with safety and privacy.

The company announced massive partnerships with Starbucks, Nike, and Reddit. All three already rolled out their blockchain-based products and features with great success.

Polygon looks like the future

The whole crypto industry is interested in the outcome of the battle of behemoths. Ethereum and Bitcoin are two different yet still competing networks that push in different directions creating a visible separation in the crypto community.

Polygon, Cardano, and Algorand are nearby waiting for an excellent opportunity to overtake major networks. So far, Polygon has been looking like the one to bet on thanks to its strong corporate ties with big businesses and solid investors.

By Edward Richardson
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