Ripple has Launched Liquidity Hub for Institutional Customers

Ripple is among the most tenacious cryptocurrencies there are; it is currently battling out a lawsuit with the most powerful organization in the United States, none other than the Securities and Exchange Commission. This has somewhat backfired in the overall planning and approach of Ripple to expand its business activities in the USA, but in every other country, the business for Ripple is booming. Being a tenacious cryptocurrency means that XRP never had to go through a rough patch of imminent corrections catching up to it, and it is among those cryptocurrencies which remain consistent in terms of value and price for a long duration which is not true for any other crypto out there.

At the moment, Ripple is entertaining the possibility of launching a liquidity hub that will allow enterprises and investment-based customers to access crypto of all kinds. The current working model of the liquidity hub has not been unveiled in an official capacity, but it would work something like this, investors would be able to tap directly into the crypto market for the sake of liquidating their assets right then and there. They don’t have to sign up with crypto exchanges if they don’t want to, and certainly, they won’t have to pay any fees or taxes to gain access to the crypto market.

XRP Liquidity Hub will Support all major Cryptocurrencies

At the moment, there are various crypto exchanges out there providing this service which allows investors to interact with liquidity through direct crypto trading service, but XRP believes that a firsthand approach was missing, and the new liquidity hub will be filling in that specific spot. All businesses and enterprises would be able to conduct their business with the push of a single button with the help of Ripple liquidity hub.

This way, these investors will be getting themselves some of the best prices from different exchanges and liquidation opportunities made available firsthand to them. The main focus of this digital hub is to take away all the difficulties and excessively useless approaches and shenanigans that investors have to go through before having it their own way. The liquidity hub will support all major cryptocurrencies out there, so compatibility is not really an issue here.

By Howard Ford
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