Rocketize: The New Big Meme Crypto?

Meme cryptocurrencies just won’t seem to die down any time soon, as every year sees the rise of at least one or two of them. And just as soon as investors think that the meme is dead, the token manages to stay around far longer than anyone was willing to give it credit for.

Of course, the biggest example of a meme token that just eventually outlived the meme itself was DogeCoin. Or, as many would like to call it, the OG meme coin. In fact, DogeCoin is one of the best examples to look at, as it would have spikes of relevance as people would associate the coin with new memes.

Other popular examples can include Shiba Inu or Floki, which really took off during the entire Elon Musk Shiba incident.

But are meme coins really viable investments in the current day of trading? With the market virtually in free fall and major cryptocurrencies only stagnating, can they really make a difference? Well, with all sorts of cryptocurrency side products that you can find now, the viability for meme tokens has actually increased.

And one of the newest ones to come out on the block has been Rocketize.

What Makes Rocketize Stand Out?

The first thing that makes Rocketize so special is the token behind it, JATO. According to various sources, JATO has been qualified as a community resource, which means that the community as a whole benefits from the token’s success.

This sense of community is really what was missing from most meme coins, which is a little ironic. Meme coins very much thrive off the overall sense of community that comes with the memes themselves. So the fact that they are unable to fully take advantage of that shows squandered potential.

Trying to Use Non-Traditional Incentive Structures

Another reason why Rocketize tends to stand out is that it is trying out new and innovative ways to really make cryptocurrencies and meme culture merge. Unlike giving most of their community member more traditional types of rewards, they are giving them something that is much more special.

And with their more innovative rewards program, their rewards can feel very personal. But easily, the best part is that all investors can enjoy a more stable income that comes with the transparent environment that DeFi provides.

Shiba Inu Influence on the Platform 

It is hard to talk about meme coins without at least touching upon the incredible significance of cryptocurrencies like Shiba Inu. In a matter of a few years, it was able to completely take the market by storm, and when the hype surrounding the meme started to die down, it still managed to stay relevant.

By Brandon Craig
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