Senate Candidate Blake Masters Speaks In Favor Of Bitcoin

The crypto community at large is not happy with the decision of China imposing a complete ban on possession, trading, and mining of Bitcoin. A few months ago, the government of China decided to implement and introduce a detailed ban on the cryptocurrency industry under their jurisdiction. Some of the Bitcoin maximalists have called this act a totalitarian move by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party).

On the other hand, many crypto analysts in the United States claim that Bitcoin is going to absorb the shock and come out even stronger from this incident. Blake Masters is one such personality. He is currently serving as the Chief Financial officer at Theil Capital. Masters has also registered his name for a Senate hopeful in the upcoming elections in 2022. He claims that he has the perfect solution to reverse the impact of China’s Bitcoin exodus.

Blake Masters is a Senate candidate who hails from the Republican Party. He is facing tough competition in the upcoming election as there are figures like former astronaut Mark Kelly, Attorney General Mark Brnovich, Clean energy mogul Jim Lamon among others. He recently told the media that the investors who want Bitcoin to get past this hurdle should start buying the cryptocurrency as much as possible.

Blake Masters Announces To Accept Donations In Bitcoin

He further added that those who have sold off some of their Bitcoin holdings due to the rapid decline in the price would be forgiven. Masters also said that he is ready to accept donations for his campaign in Bitcoin. He believes that the US government should also consider investing capital reserve as part of a strategic response to the Bitcoin ban introduced by China.

Pat Loomey is the senator who is going to be retiring in 2022 from his position. He recently spoke to the media on the matter of cryptocurrency and the ban imposed by the Chinese government. Loomey claimed that the recent ban in China on the flagship cryptocurrency is a big and profitable opportunity for the United States. He explained that if the US can leverage its structural superiority over China, it is going to be a great option for them.

Meanwhile, the new GOP senate candidate Blake Masters has been able to acquire the endorsements of many prominent figures. Billionaire Peter Thiel has already shown his support for cryptocurrency users. Another noteworthy supporter of Masters is a media personality and host of Fox News Network Tucker Carlson.

By Howard Ford
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