Shiba Inu (SHIB): Accumulation Around This Price Area Might Be Profitable

Shiba Inu’s price movements within the previous month comprised a massive buying spree, and higher troughs confirm the narrative. The altcoin’s upside witnessed a gradual surge, but SHIB somewhat touched a plateau within $0.01239 – $0.0126 (we multiply SHIB prices by 1,000 for brevity).

As the price action secured a spot beyond the 20 Exponential Moving Average and the 50EMA, bulls dominate the immediate Shiba Inu trend.

Enough buying strength to keep $0.0126 away might mean a bullish volatile breakout for the token after sluggish movements. While publishing this post, SHIB changed hands at $0.0125, primed for uptrends in the coming hours.

Shiba Inu 4Hr Chart

Meanwhile, buyers encountered recovery hurdles around the nearest supply area within the previous two weeks. Meanwhile, bulls remained dedicated to controlling the underlying momentum, and fruits emerged in the shape of higher lows over the past few weeks.

The northbound 20EMA and 50EMA presumed immediate support after their latest bullish crossover. Also, as the price action sailed close to the EMAs for some time, SHIB would target to breach its squeeze phase before breaking into higher volatility within the upcoming times.

The past few days saw SHIB forming an ascending triangle on the 4hr chart and highlighted a noticeable bullish superiority. Moreover, token volumes have been retreating. Generally, the volumes retain downtrends before a potential breakout if ascending triangles emerge.

An immediate closing beyond the $0.0126 can confirm breakout possibilities. In such a scenario, Shiba Inu could see extended recoveries to $0.0131 – $0.0133. Failure to secure a closing beyond this zone would bolster the present slow-moving actions around the Exponential Moving Averages.


The RSI (Relative Strength Index) has gradually moved north within the past two days. Buyers should endeavor to overcome the shackles of the resistance at 59 to amplify the probability of continued recoveries.

Also, the A/D (Accumulation/Distribution)’s lower troughs optimistically diverged with SHIB’s price action within the last three days. Furthermore, the DMI also supported bull power. Nevertheless, the token’s directional trend (ADX) appeared substantially weak.

Final Thought

Considering the bullish formation around the resistance at $0.0126, buyers would target to accelerate their upsides in the upcoming sessions. Meanwhile, reversals from this obstacle might suggest an extended dull period. Investors should watch overall market cues to identify possible bullish invalidations.

By Edward Richardson
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