Solana and KRAFTON to Boost Blockchain Gaming

  • The collaboration is to support blockchain gaming marketing and design.
  • Also, Solana Labs and KRAFTON will collaborate on investment opportunities.
  • KRAFTON will utilize capacity from PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS to join the NFT and Web3 industry.

KRAFTON has partnered with Solana Labs to support blockchain marketing and design. Remember, KRANFTON, Inc. launched the wildly recognized PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS battle game.

Why Solana (SOL/USD)?

Solana is among the leading decentralized blockchains designed to ensure user-friendly and scalable applications globally. Moreover, it guarantees scaling without compromising security and composability, supporting developers’ long-term activity.

Furthermore, Solana ensures reliable performance, processing thousands of ‘smart’ contracts concurrently via the advanced Proof of History (PoH) protocol. It’s a distributed clock that warrants low-latency, sub-second finality in the global status.

Joint Partnership on Investment Opportunities

Solana Labs and KRAFTON will use the partnership to collaborate on investment opportunities. That means a long-term deal to improve and run blockchain- and NFT- based games and services.

KRAFTON’s Web3 lead Hyungchul Park commented, stating that KRAFTON, Inc. will continue to work with blockchain firms to establish its Web3 ecosystem.

He added that Solana collaboration means using a top-performance blockchain with low fees and top speed. Park trusts Solana (SOL) represents what web3 technologies and ecosystems have. With that, KRAFTON will know the necessities of accelerating its goal to improve blockchain-based experiences.

Solana’s Jonny Lee glorified KRAFTON’s dedication to improving the gaming sector with Solana. He added that KRAFTON is a leading innovator within the gaming industry. Meanwhile, gamers are increasingly looking for on-chain games. That means success to gaming firms that respond to that demand.

Future Plans

KRAFTON had revealed plans to join the NFT and Web3 industry following the growth capacity and game operation achieved via the world-recognized PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS.

Moreover, the company announced investments and partnerships in different sectors related to blockchain, metaverse, and NFT. KRAFTON partners include NAVER Z, Seoul Auction Blue, and XX Blue.

Solana continues to see increased adoption. Such cases will boast the token’s utility, translating to price surges in the future.

We have more market updates on your way. Stay tuned.

By Edward Richardson
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