Twitter CFO Says Investors Should Not Invest In Crypto

Important Considerations for Buying Cryptocurrency

The latest remarks from the CFO of Twitter, Ned Segal, have shocked the cryptocurrency community at large. Speaking to the media, he recently claimed that the current state of the market is not ideal for investing in cryptocurrencies. It is worth noting that the CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey is a visible Bitcoin maximalist. Dorsey has claimed in the past that he would like to put all this energy and effort into the development and growth of the Bitcoin lightning network.

Speaking to the journalists, Segal claimed that he views cryptocurrencies as asset class commodities with an unprecedented amount of risk factors and volatility. He further added that given the current economic backdrop and financial context, it is not an ideal environment for people to invest in digital assets. Segal also pointed out the lack of opportunities that secure the interests of digital traders.

Ned Segal has been in charge of making financial and investment decisions for Twitter since 2017. The 47- years old financial expert was speaking with the journalists from Wall Street Journal recently. He was asked about Twitter adding Bitcoin to its balance sheet. However, Segal commented that if Twitter wants to add Bitcoin, it will have to make major changes in its balance sheet.

He also claimed that for the time being, Twitter prefers to stick with the investment choices that are flat and do not offer a lot of volatility. He also claimed that he had studied the effect and the requirement for adding Bitcoin to the investment portfolio of the company. Explaining further, he claimed that the company would have to consider several other factors if they want to invest their interest into Bitcoin at any time in the future.

Crypto Assets Possess High-Risk Factor

The popular investor Kevin O’ Leary also known as Mr. Wonderful, is not afraid of the volatility that cryptocurrencies offer. On the contrary, he seems to enjoy the risk and wants to keep playing the game of digital investment. It is worth noting that several traditional financial institutions ruled in favor of offering cryptocurrency exposure to high net worth individuals only in the beginning.

Another prominent investor hailing from Australia, Matt Rockman of the SEEK limited, is also among the people who appreciate the risk factor offered by cryptocurrencies. Rockman told media a few months ago that the lack of government regulatory framework, high volatility, and risk factors associated with the digital asset market are the qualities that attract big investors. In the words of Mark Cuban, an asset that carries high risk also offers high returns.

By Howard Ford
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