Visa is Ready to Enter the Crypto Space

Visa, being a direct competitor to Mastercard, has been trying for some time to enter the crypto space, it has done nothing significant in regards to doing so as Mastercard has recently bought a cryptoanalysis firm that is going to give it a lot of boost in the long run.

Visa, on the other hand, is still a little sceptical of the crypto industry and is trying to come up with a legal framework, regulations drummed up by its IT team so that it can take on cryptocurrencies, but until that happens, Visa is going to wait. The CEO of Visa, Alfred Kelly, on the other hand, had shown some deep understanding of the cryptocurrencies and how these work and some sort of optimism was also present when Kelly talked about the idea of a crypto adoption led by Visa.

Visa will Definitely Become Part of Crypto Adoption

Kelly was invited in a podcast shared with Alan Murray; both were discussing the impact of cryptocurrencies on modern finance and how it is going to change it for the best. Kelly was affirmative of the fact that Visa is going to take part in this modern initiative whether or not cryptocurrencies have any subtle effect on our modern finance.

This means that despite how the role of cryptocurrencies is predicted and managed in the future, Visa wants a serious piece of it. Kelly said that no one knows what is going to happen in the next 5 to 10 years; it is possible that cryptocurrencies would have become the mainstream mode of finance or lost all popularity.

There is no way of knowing what Kelly said, but something that is certain is to make sure that Visa takes part in this initiative right here and doesn’t let it slip out of its fingers. According to Kelly, Visa seems all but ready to take this initiative and adopt cryptocurrencies within its offerings, but there is a long road to be taken before it can finally become a reality.

By Howard Ford
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