XRP And UNUS SED LEO Emerge As Top Gainers In Today’s Trading Session

Today’s cryptocurrency trading session has proven to be a good sign for cryptocurrencies in general. Most of the cryptocurrencies have recorded a rally in their trading prices but none have matched the rallies recorded by XRP and UNUS SED LEO.

XRP Recorded a 10% Rally

The trading price of XRP has recorded a 10% surge in its value in today’s trading session. The price of XRP has been rising significantly but this time, the surge is quite promising.

The recent rally has pushed XRP’s price enough to bring it close to the multi-month high. As of yesterday, the trading price of XRP was at a low of $0.4285.

However, the rally helped push the trading price of XRP to an intraday high. The rally has helped the price of XRP to reach a high of $0.503.

Following today’s rally, XRP’s trading price has managed to come close to the past-week high of $0.558. The $0.558 price level was the highest trading level XRP had hit since the month of May.

XRP’s RSI Hit the Ceiling

The technical indicator suggests that the RSI managed to hit the ceiling. It suggests that XRP was bound to record ease in its trading volume.

After hitting the ceiling, the RSI reverted to 63.81, and now, it is below the resistance level which is 65.00.

If the bulls want to push XRP’s price higher, they will need to push its RSI over the ceiling. This way, the trading price of XRP may gain the opportunity of moving higher.

UNUS SED LEO Recorded a 12% Surge

UNUS SED LEO (LEO) has also recorded a significant push in its value in today’s trading session. The report shows that the trading price of LEO has recorded a significant surge.

The data from CoinMarketCap shows that its trading price went all the way up by 12%. The surge managed to push LEO’s price to a high of $4.69.

After hitting a high trading price of $4.69 during the trading session, UNUS SED LEO recorded a price correction.

At the time of writing, LEO’s trading price is down to $4.18 after hitting its intraday peak price.

LEO Bounced Off its Support Level

Prior to the bears, it was the bulls who were in control of the situation. The bears had managed to pull LEO’s value to $4.05, a key support level.

However, the strong buying sentiments kicked in from the investors’ side that pushed LEO’s trading price close to hitting $4.80, which is the ceiling price.

The RSI for LEO currently sits at 48.90 but it may record an increase going forward and help it push through the 4.80 ceiling for good.

By Brandon Craig
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